4" x 3" littles by leslie sticky pads

$2.80 each or 5 for $12.50 (save $1.50)*


Made in the USA! Each sticky pad has 50 sheets, collated with these five Littles by Leslie characters: Want Me to Sugarcoat It For You?, I Don't Give a Hoot, Bite Me, You Don't Have the Balls, and Try Not to Suck (pictured below).


*Plus sales tax and shipping.


1 pad (50 sheets)   $2.80

Pack of 5 pads   $12.50

Each sticky pad contains these five designs:

bite me magnet

grow a pair magnet

blow me magnet

1.75" round littles by leslie magnets  

$1.50 each*


*Plus sales tax and shipping.

i don't give a hoot

16 oz. tumbler

bite me

16 oz. tumbler

try not to suck

16 oz. tumbler

16 oz. littles by leslie tumblers   $10.00 each*


Clear acrylic, BPA-free. Keeps cold drinks cold for more than four hours. Can hold hot or cold liquids. Can be used with or without the straw. Hand washing recommended.


*Plus sales tax and shipping.

Tumblers are BPA-free and can hold hot or cold liquids


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