Littles by Leslie began as an outlet; a hobby that required nothing more than paper and lots of Sharpies (in case you can't tell, I love color!). With encouragement from friends and family, I began to recreate my drawings in vector format. I’m no artist (though inexplicably a graphic designer by profession), so a lot of these little guys appear to have come straight from the talents of a 5-year-old. They have evolved over the past few years; many have become taller and lost a few pounds, and a bit of vulgarity and profanity has leaked into them (no doubt to my detriment!). I’m sure they will continue to evolve, finding new ways to dress up, accessorize, tie up their pigtails and sport neckties. I find myself unable to deny that, despite their innocent and childlike appearance, the Littles aren't exactly kid-friendly. I never intended them to be.


Currently I have a few products for sale, but aside from creating new characters as inspiration hits, I'm not exactly sure what's in store for Littles by Leslie. I hope you'll visit my site again and that I'll have new creations to share. But while you're here, please enjoy!

Email me at littlesbyleslie@gmail.com.

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